The Truth about Permanent Make-up


What’s all the rage about permanent make-up these days?  I would say,it is a very smart solution for busy individuals, having less time in the mornings before heading out to work, people who like to spend a lot of time on the beach or pool, or in general, people who don’t wear a lot of make-up everyday.  You can get eyebrow/ lip/ or eyeliner done. This art of infusing pigments under the skin, requires a lot of finesse.

To tell you the truth, PM has come a long way, in terms of techniques, machines and the  pigments used.

First and foremost, go to a practitioner , who is Licensed, and has all the Blood Borne Certifications, since it does involve blood and body fluids. And more importantly, it is semi-permanent, you cant take it off right away,so go see a practitioner who is experienced in the field.

 The word microblading is the new buzz word in the cosmetic industry these days, and is the most inquired  about, in  the latest beauty trends, but i beg to differ. This process of eyebrow technique, involves cutting skin with a small hand held scalpel followed by infusing pigment in the form of hair strokes. It looks beautiful when you initially get it done, but when you need touch ups in a few years , that is where the problem lies. How many times can you cut the skin that deep, without scarring it? Esp. if someone is newly trained , cuts very deep and don’t know what they are doing, they can scar you for life.

Secondly, the areas where the hair strokes are made, they will not take the pigment/ color like the surrounding healthy skin, because of the scar tissue created. So touch ups will always be an issue.

If you ask me , i personally prefer Stardust Brow  technique,which is eyebrow shading , it doesn’t look like hair strokes but you can get it done, year after year, without compromising the skin health.This method requires a machine infusing pigment under the skin and once it heals in a week, you see a reflection of the pigment, looking like a perfectly powdered make-up  brow.

Permanent make-up can be done on the lips and eyelids too, to get rid of asymmetry and minor imperfections as well as giving the appearance of a thicker lash line on the eyelids. Lips can be made to look fuller, more even toned, and all you need is a little lip gloss  to perk them up. It is an art to master and the more you do the better the results are!

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