Story of Sunscreen

Story of sun screen

Sun Exposure is considered as one of the most common reason for skin aging. According to scientists, 70% of the normal aging that we see, comes form sun exposure alone and 30% is normal Chrono-aging/ chronological aging. Keeing these facts in mind, we can prevent a lot of skin issues like, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, rough leathery texture, broken blood vessels leading to uneven redness and uneven pigmentation.

Remember, sea, snow and sand all these words starting with the letter S, contribute toward UV damage. In fact, sea,snow and sand reflect off the UV rays and double your UV exposure, meaning you need more spf when you are there.

Sun screens are of two types, Chemical and Physical/mineral sunscreens. Chemical sunscreen are good for healthy skins but people with sensitive skin react to this type. Acne prone skin individuals also need to avoid the chemical sunscreens.

Ask your skin specialist/ aesthetic specialist for guidance.

Ultraviolet light is divided into UVA (aging rays)and UVB rays(burning rays).

The Spf factor which is labelled on the front of each sunscreen,only tells you about how many minutes each sunscreen is going to prevent sun burns only and not overall aging of the skin.You need to reapply your spf accordingly or at least every two hours.

The percentages listed on the back of your sunscreen tell the story of how much it can prevent UVA or aging of the skin.

Look for sunscreens which are Paraben free and  Fragrance free

At Nova Derm Institute, we recomend Blur SPF 50+(Tinted) and Smart Sunscreen SPF50+(Clear).

Ask your aesthetic specialist for further guidance.

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