Skin tightening is the newest trend on the block.  It can help you firm up the skin  gone lax as result of generalized aging or weight loss. People in their 30’s , 40’s and older all want it.What really is this treatment? It is a radio frequency and ultrasound technology which takes your existing skin and re-structure the loose collagen fibers and also make new collagen at the same time. Results , smoother and tighter skin and continues to look better in the next 3-6 months. Is there any down time? No, , here is the good part, the treatment itself feels like a hot stone massage , what could be better than that.Treatments last anywhere from 20 mins to 40 mins  and you leave the office looking refreshed!

This technology is so smart that it doesn’t create any burns , or any down-time at all. I have done these treatments on the day of big events and always looked better than before, it’s that easy.You can treat your eye area for droppy eyelids / neck area for bulging chins/ jaw to give more definition or  almost any body part. Among women in their 40’s and older, Neck tightening treatments are really popular.

 While patients see a difference even with the first visit, I recommend doing six treatment, 10-14 days apart to see the full improvement. BTL aesthetics  have done an amazing job at making Exilis Elite machine , it is an FDA approved, non-invasive device for skin tightening and fat reduction. It is far superior than its other competitors in the industry in terms of results  and comfort during treatments.

One thing i would say , plz don’t consider it if you are trying to loose weight. It does not help you loose weight , its is a ” face and body sculpting” device, which helps you loose a dress size by firming up the skin and loosing  circumferential fat , upto one to two inches. Not bad at all, for a smart treatment with zero downtime. I see fitness trainers come in, to loose the redundant fat pockets , which don’t go away even after intense work outs, i see post liposuction patients who didn’t get a very even result post surgery, have lumps of fat still noticeable, to smooth it out, i see women post-pregnancy to loose extra skin, i see men who recently lost some weight , come and sculpt the extra skin and some fat.

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