Lip Blushing

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What is Lip Blushing?

Surveys suggest that lips are the facial feature men are interested in most after the eyes. In our youth lips are soft, full and have a great natural tone. As the aging process begins we start to lose the shape, fullness, and color of our lips. Lips have become a trend all on their own since Angelina Jolie made her mark in the media. Permanent makeup can enhance your current lip shape or lip shade. It can also re-shape lips, visually increase the size of lips and adjust the shade. Fuller lips can be achieved without the use of fillers using permanent makeup, however, if you currently use fillers you may want to define your lip borders and enhance your color, results are long lasting.

 Lip Blushing is  determining what effect is are needed on the lips, it can help improve uneven lips, discolored lips, improve lip asymmetry. A soft contouring with a machine is done with best matching  lip colors to help add depth and dimension to the lips. Once completed you can simply apply your favorite lip gloss or lip conditioner and be out the door, the results last 1-2 years.

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