If the cat-walks taught us anything, it is how to achieve the magical aliengelic sheen also called as your “post spin glow”, minus the sweat. By doing the hydro-facials, you stimulate lymph flow and remove toxins, on top of all other benefits this treatment offers. It also gives you a dewy shine with improving blood circulation on the face and neck area. Adding more definition to your facial features and skin texture. A pop of infusion (vitamin C /Nu cell/ Minerals) and you are glowing already.

I see more and more women, using photo filters because they don’t like how the skin looks in their selfies or up close shots. Its almost like they are trying to hide behind loads of make up and now photo filters to look beautiful. I say, don’t hide , just fix it with regular hydro facials. It actually adds age to your face when you try and hide it.Take charge and fix it.

What happens is, because of repeat use of make up and heavy creams , some of us, develop a build up under the skin, I call it , milia.

Doing regular Hydro-facials, can put this problem to rest. it is two treatments in one visit.Resurface, renew and infuse at the same time.

This treatment not only exfoliate and resurface the skin , it also infuses necessary vitamins and minerals into the skin at the same time. Leaving your skin hydrated and simply refreshed. Different treatment Tips can be used to see what intensity is right for your skin type. Similarly, the infusion can be customized based on the skin issues.

You can infuse Vitamin C which is the key nutrient your skin needs to make collagen. You can even do mini peels by infusing salicylic acid and TCA , great for acne prone skin and aging skin respectively.

Loose the layers and layers of unhealthy make up. Get filter free photos , bring the confidence back in your pictures  and your real life and start taking  photos without having to hide behind photo filters , with monthly Hydro-facials with Dermasweep.

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