How to deal with Acne ?


Acne can be of many different types. No matter what the cause is, it can really traumatize people, because of it’s ongoing nature and the scars it leaves behind . 

I say, first rule out the reason, why are you breaking out, by talking to a professional aesthetic specialist, who can break down the reasons for you and help figure it out. Next step is to address the unslightly pimples. Most people try and camouflage it with make up and concealers . That is actually counter productive, it makes acne worse by clogging pores with talc based products , which is a skin irritant. Some people also pick on the acne spots too, which makes the acne scars much deeper and harder to treat. Some people start putting oils on the skin because of the dryness they experience with acne , that doesn’t help either, it makes the problem worse , because acne bacteria grows in an anaerobic environment and starts growing faster under the circumstances, basically by clogging the pores. 

Acne is a two fold skin problem, there is the pimples with blackheads . And then,there is the scarring it leaves behind . 

First step should be to rule out from home care and lifestyle and eating habits , that what exactly is making you break out? 

Next step is to devise a treatment plan how to address the issue? Whether you will need medication or topical treatments? Do you need better home care to support the treatments? All of this can be easily figured out in a thorough and complete consultation. 

So , if you are confused about , what to do , how to fix ? Don’t wait,start now . Ask your doctor or aesthetic acne specialist for help , it’s that simple.

Take the first step and let them help you overcome your acne .

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