Ho Ho Ho … Want to ride our skin sledge these Holidays?


Holidays are around the corner. Are you “skin ready” to attend all the events, be around family and friend and flaunt your flawless skin? Well here are a few tricks that will keep them wondering, what is our flawless friend doing to her skin these days to keep her glowing.

First things first ladies, at Nova Derm Institute, I advise to develop a regular skin regimen, and stick to it. Smart home care is vital during the winter months. Cleanse, exfoliate,hydrate, and protect. Hydrating  sheet masks do wonders for fall / winter skin issues, so whether you are at work  during your lunch break or at home cooking or cleaning, feel free to take 20 mins off your busy schedule and indulge. Image Skin Care makes some great sheet masks , which are available at most skin care clinics and med-spas.

Always drink plenty of water , our bodies are 70% or more water , we need to replenish that need everyday.

I do have a few trade secrets that I will share to get it started and get it glowing. 

“Come Clean” cleanser is made with Glycolic Acid and is pH balanced, so it just one step into cleaning/ toning and exfoliating, without stripping your skin of it’s natural oils (acid mantle layer) which is much needed for good skin health.

Next step should be nutrition for the skin… drench your skin with some  “Fountain of Youth” (fractionated Hyaluronic acid) and “Power of C”.

Believe you me, you will love your skin like you never did before!!

Next step is protection with some peptide creams and sun screen, yes … sunscreen is for life , no matter if it’s winter or summer.

Finish off with Eye Do, our magical eye cream which totally transforms the way home care works for the eye area.

And lastly , don’t forget your hands, we use them all the time, hydrate repeatedly, my personal favourite is Aquaphor ointment , you can get it at any drug store OTC, costs 5 bucks, works like magic.

I also suggest getting some nourishing facial treatments, like Red Carpet Ready, Oxygen facials, Carbon facials or Hydro-facials right before the holidays to give it an extra boost of freshness. 

As a skin care guru, I will advise to avoid eating too much salt or sugar, as it makes your face look a little puffy.

If you are ready and want a real change in your skin then start now , come and join me in this transformational skin journey . Like most of my clients says, ho, ho, ho, holidays are here and my skin didn’t look “This Good”‘, in my 20’s, like it does now… in my 40’s,50’s or 60’s 😉

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