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Exilis Ultra

What is Exilis Ultra?

One of the most popular anti-aging treatments for skin tightening In the USA is Exilis elite from BTL Aesthetics. Exilis is an FDA approved Skin Tightening treatment used to tighten loose, lax skin. Exilis is non-invasive, and does not require a lengthy recovery period. It is considered an effective anti-aging treatment for wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and uneven skin tone.

What are the benefits of Exilis Ultra?

  1. Decreases the appearance of fine lines around the eyes
  2. Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles
  3. Firmer and smoother skin
  4. Helps restore collagen
  5. Improves skin elasticity
  6. Younger looking skin

How does Skin Tightening work?

Exilis Elite skin tightening uses radio frequency and ultrasound technology to heat the collagen in the skin. Clinical research has found that dermatological applications of radio frequency, such as Exilis Ultra , can trigger a mechanism which can stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, resulting in firmer, smoother, younger looking skin.

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