Double chin, Double the trouble


Double chin is such a common yet bother some problem we all face, esp. after 40 year of age, it can be a good mix of sagging skin and pads of extra fat around the lower face.

85% of men and women are looking for cosmetic procedures these days , and 70% of  these men and women are looking for effective solutions to fix double chin. 

One of the solutions to get rid of double chin is to get it sculpted with skin tightening RF.

Exilis Elite is a safe , FDA approved solution for double chin and hanging jowls without surgery. It is a real game changer when it comes to sub mental fat and skin laxity around the jaw / chin area  for men and women alike.

 The machine comes with two applicators , one for small areas like chin and eyes, and the second one to cater big areas like abdomen, back, knees, arms  and  thighs.

Exilis Elite is a cutting edge technology to melt fat pads and shrink loose extra skin without any down time. Post treatment time is very easy. In the next few weeks, the fat is removed and broken collagen is replaced by brand new collagen leaving the jaw area looking youthfully lifted and flawless.

The treatment time can last anywhere from 20-40 minutes depending on the individual need.

 The treatment feels nothing more than a hot stone massage leaving you refreshed yet younger looking in the end .

The idea behind the treatment is to heat up the skin to a certain temperatre that the collagen remodelling starts  and the excess fat is dissolved in 4-6 weekly treatments. 

3-6 months later your results are more obvious making you look at least 5 or more years younger.

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